Defensive Driving


 What is Defensive Driving?

  Safe Vehicle Operation

  • Factors that contribute to Collisions
    • Driver, Vehicle & Enviroment
    • Identify vehicle blind spots, and properly adjust mirrors
    • Identify factors that affect stopping distance
    • Determine following distance for vehicles at various speeds                                                                                                                                       

R U A Safe Driver?

  • Personal and Professional Excellence

    • Always Drives Defensively
    • Always choose to respond Responsibly

Recognizing the Risks of Hazardous Driving
Behaviors and Conditions

  • Collision Prevention Formula

    • Recognize a Hazard
    • Understand the Defense
    • Act correctly, in time                                                                       
    • What if...?


  • Identify in-cab distractions

    • Understand personal driving tendencies & habits
    • Identify aggressive driving behaviors & determine way to maintain self control
    • Identify signs of fatigue and driving performance

The consequences of careless or reckless driving are huge.

Here's what happens

  • A really expensive ticket
  • Higher insurance rates
  • Losing your driving privileges…
  • Or your license
  • Seriously hurting a friend…or yourself
  • Being sued and going to court
  • Damaging property and having to pay for it yourself
  • Killing somebody you care about…or a stranger
  • Being arrested and charged as a felon
  • Serving time in jail
  • Not being able to get a job or into college because of a felony record
  • Loss of one's dreams, one's future, and one's reputation with friends.  


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